2018 Bass Measures

Bass Regulations

Bass regulations are in place for both commercial and recreational bass fishing.

  1. Recreational fishers

For recreational fishers, from the 1st October until the 31st December 2018, one bass may be retained per person per day. Any additional bass must be returned immediately to the sea.

In addition, the minimum conservation reference size of 42cm applies – any bass smaller than this must be returned immediately to the sea.

These measures apply to fishing from vessels and from shore.

More information on minimum conservation sizes (including for other species and how to measure them), please see the ‘minimum sizes’ page on the Eastern IFCA website.

Click here to download the Eastern IFCA bass measures poster.

  1. Commercial fishers

Commercial fishers must have an Authorisation (issued by the Marine Management Organisation) to catch, retain, tranship or land bass.  Authorisations are separate for different gear types used.

A summary of restrictions for commercial fishers is set out below:

No bass may be retained or landed during February and March 2018

Table 1. summary of bass measures for January and April 2018 onwards
Gear usedAuthorisation requiredDaily by-catch limitMonthly limit (kilograms)Annual Limit (kilograms)
Demersal trawlY1%Unavoidable by-catch only: 100
Demersal seineY1%Unavoidable by-catch only: 180
Hook and lineY5000
Fixed gillnetsYUnavoidable by-catch only: 1200


Further information and guidance (including with regards to charter vessels, use of multiple gears etc.) can be found on the MMO guidance page here – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/bass-industry-guidance-2018/bass-fishing-guidance-2018



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