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    1. Senior Marine Officer – Marine Management Organisation

      25 January 2017 9:14

      The MMO is recruiting for a Senior Marine Officer based in King’s Lynn.  Please click the following link for more details and how to apply. [Senior Marine OfficerRead More >

    2. Wash Fishery Order 1992 – review

      22 December 2016 16:17

      Eastern IFCA is reviewing several elements of its management under the Wash Fishery Order (1992) as agreed within the 2016-17 priorities at the Planning and Communication Sub-Committee (24Read More >

    3. Application & Exemption Byelaw 2016 now in effect

      21 December 2016 12:05

      This byelaw has the effect of making several Eastern IFCA byelaws apply within the area inherited from North Eastern Sea Fisheries Committee (NESFC), an approximately 9 mile stretchRead More >

    Current initiatives

    Community Voice Project
    Through engaging stakeholders in thinking about the management of the marine environment we are looking to find common ground.  Click below to find out more.
    Community Voice Project
    Community Voice Video

    Shrimp management measures

    Eastern IFCA intends to introduce management measures for the protection of sensitive habitats within the marine protected areas of The Wash and North Norfolk Coast.  The development of these measures has included informal consultation with the fishing industry including a workshop held on the 26th September 2016.  The outputs from the workshop will be used to develop proportionate and balanced measures which also protect important habitats.

    Click the link below to see the workshop report.
    Shrimp Workshop Report


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