Wash Fishery Order 1992

In 1992 Eastern Sea Fisheries Joint Committee (ESFJC) was granted a hybrid (Regulating/Several) Order under Section 1 of the 1967 Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act.  Eastern IFCA became the managers of the Wash Fishery Order in 2011.

The WFO 1992 was established to provide local management of the mussel, cockle, clams, scallops and queens (the prescribed species) within the Wash estuary embayment (The Wash).

The Several Fishery (Lays)

The WFO 1992 also enables EIFCA to grant exclusive fishing rights to individuals for the purpose of aquaculture – i.e. growing shellfish. These areas are called ‘lays’ and EIFCA collects lay rents on behalf of the Crown Estates.

The Regulated Fishery

The WFO 1992 enables EIFCA to develop and enforce management measures and regulations to ensure that stocks of the prescribed species are fished in an appropriate manner.

To aid the management of the WFO 1992 fisheries ESFJC, the fishing industry and Natural England worked together to develop agreed management policies that would be applied to the fisheries covered by the WFO 1992 (click here to view WFO 1992 policies).  These management policies are currently being reviewed.

Enforcement of the Wash Fishery Order 1992

The enforcement of the Wash Fishery Order 1992 is conducted by Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Officers Warranted by the Authority.  EIFCO Warrants can also be issued to other enforcement officers by the Chair of the Authority where appropriate.

Wash Fishery Order 1992

Wash Fishery Order Regulations

Mussel Relaying Fishery 2018: Enforcement Policies
The following Enforcement policies are in effect for the Mussel Relaying Fishery 2018 only.

Regulation 2: use of containers
Regulation 8: Minimum Mussel Size

WFO Shelfish Management Policies


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