Fisheries Mapping Project 2010

In 2008, Eastern IFCA’s predecessor Eastern Sea Fisheries Joint Committee set up a collaborative project, working with local fishermen to create indicative charts of fishing grounds used by fishermen based in the district (Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk coast). The charts presented here were produced following interviews with the small number of fishermen based in the Eastern IFCA district who participated in this project (12 individuals).

We have published the charts to provide an indication of fishing grounds for the named species around the Eastern IFCA district. However, noting the date of the project and the small number of participants, the charts should not be used to ascertain the current or complete distribution of fishing activity for these species. Stakeholders wishing to identify fishing grounds (for example, to inform impact assessments for offshore activity such as aggregate extraction, cabling or renewable energy projects) are strongly advised to consult a range of published sources and most importantly, engage directly with inshore fishing stakeholders. Fishing activity data sources include Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) data and landings data published by Marine Management Organisation (e.g. ).

The charts are freely available to download. However, we request that any further publication or presentation of these Fisheries Mapping Project charts is accompanied by the following explanatory text (or similar):

The charts are indicative of the fishing grounds targeted by a minority of individuals based in the Eastern Sea Fisheries Joint Committee district around 2008 and do not show current or complete distribution of fishing activity for these species.  

Select a species to view the maps:

Bass Brill/Turbot
Cockle Cod
Crustacea Dab/Flounder
Dogfish Herring/Sprat
Mackerel Mussels
Plaice Rays
Sandeel Shrimp
Soles Whelk
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