Recreational Sea Anglers

The east coast is popular with Recreational Sea Anglers, who practice the sport both at sea and from the beach, throughout the EIFCA District. The recreational sector is increasingly recognised for its importance to the local economy, as well as for the amenity value of the activity itself.

EIFCA will continue to work with the Recreational Sea Angling (RSA) sector in a positive way to promote sustainable fishing within the District and to address the needs and concerns of the sector. An example of such work is a Pilot Project, undertaken by a MSc student hosted by ESFJC in partnership with Newcastle University. After consultation with recreational sea anglers, the European Flounder was chosen as the focus of the pilot. An important and once-ubiquitous fish, the number of flounder caught has fallen in recent years and anglers have expressed concern over the cause of the decline. Student Dan Skerritt reviewed recent trends in flounder populations, and reported on opportunities for developing the recreational fishery.

Download the literature review: Flounder Literature Review (PDF, 792MB) | Download the full report: Flounder Project (PDF, 1.97MB).

Recreational Sea Angling Strategy


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