A-IFCA marks World Oceans Day with online conference

The Association of Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities (A-IFCA) is marking World Oceans Day this year (June 8th) with its own celebration of the work of the members of the Authorities in the 10 years since they were formed.


The online conference will focus on the achievements of the IFCAs over the past 10 years and the key issues and opportunities for the management of inshore fisheries and conservation in England.


For 10 years the IFCAs have brought together representatives from the local communities around the English coast, including the constituent local authorities along with people from across the different sectors that use or are knowledgeable about the inshore marine area, such as commercial and recreational fishermen, environmental groups and marine researchers.


The unique constitution of IFCAs means that local communities are at the forefront of the decisions to support inshore fisheries in all of its forms and achieve balance between fisheries activities and marine environment protection.


Of the importance of regional management, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Farming, Fisheries and Food, The Rt Hon Victoria Prentis MP said;

“The IFCAs are helping to demonstrate how regional management can work and after 10 years [IFCAs] are still leading the way in this area.”


Tony Tomlinson MBE, Chairman of Cornwall IFCA and the Association of IFCAs said;

“Members of the IFCAs have worked tirelessly to deliver real change in our coastal waters and to ensure that coastal communities have been engaged in the decisions that effect both fisheries and conservation.”


Now is a period of significant change as the UK takes on full responsibilities of a totally independent coastal state. Protecting, enhancing and restoring our coastal seas, and the fisheries and communities that rely upon them for their work and recreation, have never been so important.


Videos of the presentations are available to view online and reflect on the journey taken by the IFCAs and A-IFCA to date and how, as local communities, the IFCAs will rise to challenges over the next ten years. They include summary findings from a survey of members.


Speakers to accompany Tony Tomlinson MBE, Chairman of the Association of IFCAs include;

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Farming, Fisheries and Food, Victoria Prentis MP with keynote presentations from commercial fisherman, TV, film, radio and print writer, Nick Fisher and marine & coastal specialist and Marine Conservation Society Trustee, Emily Cunningham.


To watch the presentations please follow this LINK https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJAmvC_1n9ikg1OQv1XksrKycjj3sFPyl

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