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    1. Upcoming Seafish Events on the Development of Fisheries Management Plans for Crab, Lobster and Whelk

      17 November 2022 10:17

      Seafish (the public body supporting the UK seafood industry) are holding online and in-person events on the development of the Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs) for whelk and brownRead More >

    2. Temporary Closure Consultation: The Wash

      11 November 2022 9:24

      Eastern IFCA is launching a consultation on a temporary closure of the Wash under Byelaw 8, the Temporary Closure of Shellfish Fisheries Byelaw. The Wash Fishery Order 1992Read More >

    3. Deadline to Register as an Interested Party for the Sheringham Extension Project and Dudgeon Extension Project Proposal

      10 November 2022 10:16

      A proposal to extend the Sheringham Shoal and Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farms is to be considered by the Planning Inspectorate. The project, called “Sheringham Extension Project and DudgeonRead More >

    4. Dates Announced for Stakeholder Events in Wells and Sheringham on Crab/Lobster and Whelk Fisheries Management Plans

      28 October 2022 14:57

      Seafish have announced dates for two stakeholder events in our district on the development of crab/lobster and whelk Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs):   The Whelk FMP event: TuesdayRead More >

    5. Closure of Horseshoe Point Cockle Fishery

      07 October 2022 15:01

      Eastern IFCA has renewed the closure of the Horseshoe Point cockle fishery under Byelaw XXIV, as a continuation of the existing circumstances. The lack of water classification inRead More >

    6. Wash Fishery Order Mussel Relaying Fishery 2022 Closure

      09 September 2022 15:01

      As stated in the Wash Dredge Mussel and Wash Hand-work Mussel Re-laying Fishery Licence Conditions, The Wash Fishery Order 1992 Mussel re-laying fisheries will close at 23.59 onRead More >

    7. 2022_8_26 Potential Lost Gear Notice

      26 August 2022 14:20

      UPDATE (9/9/2022): The owner of the gear has now been identified and collection is planned.     Eastern IFCA has received a lost gear report from a memberRead More >

    8. New eco water refill stations in the East of England (An East of England Plastics Coalition Initiative)

      18 August 2022 14:51

      The East of England Plastics Coalition is looking to install ‘Our Only World water refill stations’ at selected coastal locations across East Anglia to encourage the use ofRead More >

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