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    1. Wash Cockle Fishery 2022 – update 23rd June 2022

      23 June 2022 15:06

      A Working Group of Wash fishermen and Eastern IFCA members and officers met again on 22nd June 2022 to discuss prospects for a cockle fishery in The WashRead More >

    2. The Wash Cockle Fishery 2022 – Update

      17 June 2022 15:16

      Eastern IFCA has set up a Wash Cockle Fishery Stakeholder Group with six Wash fishing representatives to discuss the results of the 2022 cockle surveys, the conservation requirementsRead More >

    3. Eastern IFCA and fishermen jointly undertake additional surveys in The Wash in response to fishing industry concerns over the potential lack of a cockle fishery in 2022

      16 June 2022 7:17

      Eastern IFCA is working in conjunction with the fishing industry to undertake additional surveys of cockle and mussel stocks in The Wash as part of work to furtherRead More >

    4. Emergency Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Byelaw: Consultation

      14 June 2022 15:17

      Emergency Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Byelaw: Consultation Eastern IFCA is considering implementing an emergency byelaw and is seeking your views.  The deadline for responses is midday 15 JuneRead More >

    5. Formal consultation: Eligibility Policy (allocation of permits) and limitation on the number of permits under the Wash Cockle and Mussel Byelaw 2021

      13 June 2022 9:31

      Eastern IFCA is undertaking a formal consultation on the number of permits and Eligibility Policy which will manage access to the cockle and mussel fisheries in The WashRead More >

    6. The Wash Economic Assessment now available

      09 June 2022 13:19

      The Authority commissioned MarFishEco to undertake an economic assessment of the Wash fisheries. The intention of the assessment was to better understand the economic viability of the WashRead More >

    7. Sustainability of Fisheries in The Wash

      26 May 2022 12:30

      Each year, Eastern IFCA conducts extensive cockle surveys on the inter-tidal sandbanks and mudflats of The Wash – a designated Marine Protected Area. We do this because inRead More >

    8. Press release: Code of Best Practice launched to tackle lost gear in Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds MCZ

      20 May 2022 10:18

      Joint Press Release  Release Date: 20th May 2022 Fishing gear that is left at sea for extended periods, for example because it is lost, snagged or not tendedRead More >

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