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    1. Mussel Relaying Fishery 2024 Opening & Consultation

      09 May 2024 15:35

      The 2024 Mussel Re-Laying Fishery will open at 00:01 on 20 May. The fishery will have a TAC of 1500 tonnes and be open to both hand-working andRead More >

    2. Shrimp Effort Management

      09 May 2024 13:48

      Updates on effort levels in the Wash Shrimp fisheries can now be found on the Eastern IFCA website, under the ‘Shrimp Effort Updates’ tab. The Shrimp Permit ByelawRead More >

    3. Mental Health in Fishing Industry Survey

      12 April 2024 11:47

      Mental Health in Fishing Industry Survey   You are invited to take part in a research study looking to understand mental health in the commercial fishing industry.   Read More >

    4. East Marine Plan Stakeholder Workshops

      18 March 2024 12:11

        The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) is holding two online stakeholder workshops, to gather stakeholder feedback on inshore and offshore marine character areas, in order to inform theRead More >

    5. 2018-2022 Call for Evidence on Eastern IFCA Conduct and Operations

      14 March 2024 14:29

      DEFRA invites responses to the call for evidence to help better understand  perspectives on the work of the Eastern IFCA in meeting its duties. The Marine and CoastalRead More >

    6. Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds MCZ 2022 Imagery Analysis

      08 March 2024 10:51

      Natural England have published a report detailing the analysis of video footage collected by Eastern IFCA in 2022 in Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds MCZ. This work was fundedRead More >

    7. Non-Native Species Awareness – Japanese Oyster Drill

      28 February 2024 15:54

      Following a sighting of  an empty egg case suspected to belong to the non-native marine Japanese Oyster Drill, Ocinebrellus inornatus, fishing industry members are being asked to beRead More >

    8. Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds MCZ: Adaptive Risk Management Plan

      22 February 2024 14:18

      Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds Adaptive Risk Management (ARM) Plan presents a long-term plan for management of the potting fishery with indicative timescales for the development of management alongsideRead More >

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