Marine life in our district
In our district there is lots of amazing species and habitats to be found on the shore and under the sea. Along the Norfolk and Suffolk coast, flocks of birds live and feed on the intertidal mudflats. In The Wash, seals feed on fish and birds graze on mudflat animals. Ross Worm (Sabellaria spp) build underwater reefs that are home to shrimps and other animals. Ancient chalk reef lies off the North Norfolk Coast and crabs and lobsters hide in the reef. Off the Lincolnshire coast, there are underwater sand banks swept by the tides with worms hidden in the sand and starfish and flatfish on the hunt for food.

Marine Life pic

Marine conservation in our district

Eastern IFCA works to balance the protection of the region’s diverse marine life with the sustainable use of fish and shellfish.

In the network of Marine Protected Areas in the district, Eastern IFCA regulates fishing activities to ensure they are compatible with conservation targets for marine wildlife and supporting habitats.

Authorisation of activities in Special Areas of Conservation & Special Protection Areas

Biosecurity Guidance

The Wash Habitat Mapping Videos


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