Eastern IFCA has a responsibility to introduce and enforce management measures within the district to protect fisheries sustainability and the environment.  Some management measures are best suited as regulations which are introduced by Eastern IFCA through the making of byelaws.  Eastern IFCA also enforces these byelaws alongside national and European legislation including the Wash Fishery Order (1992) which focuses on shellfish fisheries within The Wash.

The Regulation and Compliance Strategy sets out Eastern IFCA’s approach to introducing regulation and the EIFCA Enforcement Policy sets out how we intend to enforce these along with the national and European regulations which are also relevant to our district.

The Annual Enforcement Plan gives an overview of the Authority’s enforcement resources and sets general targets for enforcement each year.  Enforcement is directed on a day-to-day basis through a targeted approach which takes into account the ‘risk’ associated with different fisheries throughout the district at different times of the year and can be found at appendix 4 of the Business Plan


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