National and EU Legislation

In addition to Eastern IFCA Byelaws, fishing activity is also regulated through national and European legislation.  The Marine Management Organisation provides information in the form of the ‘Blue Book’ which contains all national and European fisheries legislation and can be found the following website:

In particular, Council Regulation EC/850/98 (which can be found in section E of the ‘Blue Book’ at the link above under Technical Conservation measures) sets out restrictions on minimum sizes and legal mesh ranges for nets.

The enforcement of national and European legislation is conducted by Eastern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Officers, Marine Management Organisation Marine Enforcement Officers, certain Royal Navy personnel, certain Police Officers and other officials that have been warranted by to conduct enforcement operations and have powers appropriate to the relevant legislation.

For more information on bass measures please click  here

Other national and European fisheries legislation can be found at the following locations:

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