[Archived Item] – Eastern IFCA Informal Consultation: Management of Crab and Lobster Potting Fisheries

Please Note: The informal consultation closed on 30th January 2023.


Eastern IFCA is developing a byelaw for managing the crab and lobster potting fisheries within Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) and considering the need for district-wide measures. We are running an informal consultation to seek stakeholder views on the following:


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How Can I Have My Say?


We recommend responding via our questionnaire which is available here: Questionnaire

The questionnaire is designed to be completed online. Printed copies are available on request.


We also welcome written or verbal responses. Please contact the office using the details below if you would like to speak to one of our officers or arrange a meeting.


Responding by post:

You can send us your written response by post to:


Eastern IFCA

Unit 6 North Lynn Business Village, Bergen Way

King’s Lynn, Norfolk

PE30 2JG


Responding by email:

You can email us a written response to: mail@eastern-ifca.gov.uk


Responding over the phone:

If you have any issues with filling out the questionnaire or if you require any assistance, please contact us during office hours on: 07385 769305 or (01553) 775321


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Why did Eastern IFCA focus on dialogue with the fishing industry during Phase 1?

A: Stakeholders who are likely to be directly impacted by management (especially in a financial sense) are more likely to be the most concerned and early engagement and involvement in the process can help to allay their concerns. Eastern IFCA undertook an informal scoping exercise to sense check fishermen’s initial views on management issues to identify concerns and seek resolution early in the process.


Q. I’m a fisherman, why was I not consulted during Phase 1?

A. Eastern IFCA makes all reasonable attempts to reach all stakeholders that might be affected by management proposals and to make stakeholders aware of ongoing consultations. Despite our best efforts, we can sometimes miss certain stakeholders. To minimise the chances of this happening as far as possible, we have planned multiple consultation stages. This is to provide multiple opportunities for stakeholders to engage with the management process. To reduce the risk of not being able to input into consultations we are always happy for stakeholders to contact the office or IFCOs to arrange a call or a meeting or to seek assistance with questionnaires.


Q. Is the byelaw only about protecting the rugged chalk?

A. While the primary objective of introducing management in the MCZ is to mitigate risks to the conservation objectives of the site, this is not the only objective. Eastern IFCA is keen to hear other wider suggestions relation to fisheries sustainability and industry viability.


Phase 1 Outcome 


Eastern IFCA undertook a preliminary dialogue-based informal consultation with the fishing industry. The goal of Phase 1 was to provide fishery stakeholders with an opportunity to propose measures to manage risks to the MCZ and to gather views on wider measures throughout the district. Phase 1 was effectively an additional element to the ‘usual’ web-based informal consultation process and an opportunity to engage with the people likely to be directly affected by the measures at the earliest opportunity.


You can read the outcome report on Phase 1 here: Informal Consultation on Crab & Lobster Management – Phase 1 Outcome Report



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