Eastern IFCA management measures – Consultation tracker

Opportunities to input to Eastern IFCA management measures development

Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authorities have a shared vision for healthy seas, sustainable fisheries and a viable industry. In delivering this vision for the eastern district, Eastern IFCA is considering and developing management measures in relation to a range of different fisheries and drivers.  Dialogue with stakeholders is crucial to this work.  Information is gathered to ensure that measures are as effective as possible and so that impacts and benefits are fully explored and understood.  Feedback from all stakeholders is appreciated and valued.

Below is an overview of work Eastern IFCA is currently undertaking or planning for the near future.  We are sharing this programme to keep stakeholders informed and to encourage engagement with Eastern IFCA on these matters.  The tracker includes links to more information, including how to participate when live. Eastern IFCA will update this page on a regular basis.


Please note – this is a live tracker and is subject to change. 

Last update – 16/07/2019


Work stream SummaryPhase / StatusCurrent phase ending
Marine Protected Area Byelaw 2019 – New restricted areas (bottom-towed gear) off the north and east Norfolk coast:

·         Chalk reef

·         Sabellaria  reef

Development of management in the form of areas closed to bottom-towed gear.  Includes an additional closure between Weybourne and Happisburgh and three smaller closures off the east Norfolk coast.


Further Information

Formal Consultation22nd July 2019
Wash Restricted Area Byelaw 2019 – replacement of the Wash Emergency ByelawConsidering a replacement for the Emergency Byelaw in The Wash


Further Information


Formal Consultation22nd July 2019
Shrimp Permit Scheme developmentDevelopment of a permit scheme to limit effort within The Wash and North Norfolk Coast (mitigation to enable the shrimp fishery to operate within this marine protected area)Informal consultationEnd of July 2019
Potting Fisheries managementDevelopment of management measures for crab and lobster fisheries sustainability


Review of the wording of the Whelk Permit Byelaw 2016 including the annual allocation of permit tags


Evidence gathering to inform assessment of Cromer Shoal Chalk Bed MCZ


Further Information


Informal consultation1st October 2019
Cockle Fishery Management PlanDevelopment of cockle fisheries management plan for Wash Fishery Order 1992 fishery


Further information


Consultation2nd August 2019
New restricted areas (bottom-towed gear) in The Wash – circalittoral rockDevelopment of management to protect a sensitive habitat from impacts of fishing activity (bottom-towed-gear) – central WashEvaluation of evidence in progress / consultation pendingn/a
New restricted areas (bottom-towed gear) on Lincolnshire coast: Sabellaria reefDevelopment of management in the form of areas closed to bottom-towed gear. Likely to include an area inshore of windfarms off SkegnessEvaluation of evidence in progress / consultation pendingn/a
Humber eelgrass closures – reviewReview of the closure to bottom-towed gear and hand-work fishing activity on the south bank of the Humber EstuaryReview in progress / consultation pendingn/a
Wash Sabellaria reef closures – reviewReview of the closures in The Wash related to Sabellaria reef taking into account new evidence and conservation advice.Review in progress / consultation pendingn/a



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