Eastern IFCA Shrimp Permit Byelaw 2018 re-consultation

The purpose of this re-consultation is to gather the views of stakeholders and in particular those who will likely be affected by the amendment to the byelaw.

The deadline for responses is noon on the 21st December 2018


Amendment to Shrimp Permit Byelaw 2018

Eastern IFCA intends to re-consult on the Shrimp Permit Byelaw 2018 in relation to an amendment regarding the use of electronic monitoring devices.  The amendment can be found at paragraph 5 of the Shrimp Permit Byelaw 2018 (link below).  The consultation is in recognition of the potential additional burden placed on fishers by the proposed amendment.  This amendment is considered necessary to ensure that the measure is effective.


The proposed amendment is summarised as follows:

To amend the wording of the requirement for vessels to have an electronic monitoring device from:

  • when engaged in shrimp fishing;


  • at all times the vessel is within the district if the vessel is named on a shrimp permit.


This would have the effect of requiring a vessel which is named on a shrimp permit, to have a functioning electronic monitoring device (i.e. I-VMS or VMS+) on at all times regardless of the activity.

What happens if a device malfunctions?

The provisions of the original byelaw still apply which are summarised below (set out in paragraphs 6 and 7 of the Shrimp Permit Byelaw 2018).

Where a device malfunctions:

  • Vessels fishing within the district must stop fishing;
  • Vessels at port within the district must not leave port;
  • Vessels outside the district must not enter the district.

In addition, where a device has been repaired or replaced, a copy of the engineer’s report must be provided to the Authority before leaving port, entering the district or otherwise using the vessel.

More information

The wording of the amended byelaw can be found here

The permit conditions for Category 1 permits can be found here and Category 2 permits here

The associated Impact Assessment can be found here

How to take part in the consultation

To take part in the consultation, please send written responses setting out your support, objections or comments to the proposed amendments addressed to the CEO of Eastern IFCA at the email or postal address below.

Email address: mail@eastern-ifca.gov.uk

Postal address: Eastern IFCA, Unit 6 North Lynn Business Village, Bergen Way, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 2JG

Please also send a copy of any response to the Marine Management Organisation at either of the following:

Email address: IFCAbyelaws@marinemanagement.org.uk

Postal address: Marine Conservation and Enforcement Team, Marine Management Organisation, Lancaster House, Hampshire Court, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE4 7HY.


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