EU Exit – the latest information for the fisheries sector on how to prepare

DEFRA have published advice explaining what fishing, seafood, and aquaculture industries need to do to prepare for rules and processes that will apply if the UK leaves the EU with no deal. Links to the relevant pages can be found below.

Preparing for EU Exit

The latest information for the fisheries sector on preparing for EU Exit can be found here.


IMO Numbers

In certain circumstances after Brexit, UK boats will be required to be registered with the International Maritime Organization (IMO). For details on how to apply for an IMO number, which is free, see


Export and Imports of Fish with EU

To export wild-caught marine fish to the EU if there’s no Brexit deal fishers will need:

  • a catch certificate
  • an export health certificate, except for direct landings in EU ports from UK-flagged fishing vessels


A fuller list of what may be needed to export fish, as well as information on importing fish to the UK from the EU, can also be viewed on the pages below:

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