Final round of Defra’s Fisheries Industry Science Partnerships (FISP) scheme now open

The final round of Defra’s  Fisheries Industry Science Partnerships (FISP) scheme is now open for applications. The deadline to apply is midday on 19 January 2023.


The FISP scheme funds projects that are a partnership between a member of the UK seafood industry and a research organisation. Its aim is to improve and share knowledge of fisheries and aquaculture by funding data collection and research projects to support sustainable fisheries management.


Applicants eligible to receive funding are:

  • – sole traders who own or operate a UK fishing boat
  • – organisations engaged in commercial or recreational fishing, processing or marine aquaculture in the UK
  • – research organisations


Applicants are able to bid for projects:

  • – up to £150,000 a year
  • – from £150,000 to £500,000 a year


More information and guidance on how to apply is available through the UK government website: UK Seafood Fund: Fisheries Industry Science Partnership scheme (Guidance) 


The FISP scheme is part of the UK Seafood Fund.

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