How are fisheries managed in marine protected areas?

Eastern IFCA promotes the sustainable use of sea fisheries resources wherever they occur. Additional consideration is given to environmental effects in protected areas. For example, Eastern IFCA manages the Wash Fishery Order cockle and mussel fisheries collaboratively with fishermen and conservation bodies, to promote the long term viability of the fisheries and compatibility with the conservation objectives for the site.

Case Study

IFCAs assess and manage fishing in marine protected areas up to 6nm; the Marine Management Organisation is responsible for sites between 6 and 12nm; and Defra is responsible for the sites beyond 12nm. A joint approach is taken to managing sites that straddle these limits. Any management measures for sites outside 12nm must be adopted by the European Commission, as required by the EU Common Fisheries Policy.

Fisheries assessments

Eastern IFCA is assessing all fishing activities in our district that could affect features of a Marine Protected Area (MPA). The assessments consider whether fishing, together with non-fishing activities, could affect MPA features and potentially damage the features. The assessments identify if the MPA features need to be protected by managing fishing activities. Further information is available on our website about the assessments here.


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