MMO Formal Consultation and Call for Evidence

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) has launched a formal consultation on the Marine Protected Areas Bottom Towed Fishing Gear Byelaw 2023, which prohibits the use of bottom towed fishing gear within specified areas of 13 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in order to conserve rock and reef habitats. The MMO is seeking views on the draft byelaw and associated Impact Assessment. For more information, including a list of the MPAs that will be affected by proposed the proposed management, please visit:

Formal Consultation – MMO management of fishing activity impacts in marine protected areas – Stage 2


In parallel with this formal consultation, the MMO has also launched a call for additional evidence and views on their draft ‘Stage 3 Fishing Gear MPA Impacts Evidence’ documents in relation to the impacts of fishing on designated features in MPAs. For more information on this call for evidence, please visit:

Call for evidence – gear-feature interactions in marine protected areas – Stage 3



The formal consultation and the call for evidence will close on 28 March 2023. 

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