Mussel Re-laying Fishery 2023 Opening

Following the annual mussel stock survey and consultation, the Wash Interim Measures Mussel Relaying Fishery 2023 will open on 12 June, at 00:00.


Following consultation responses, the TAC of this fishery has been reduced to 500 tonnes, with 400 tonnes for the dredge fishery and 100 tonnes for hand-worked.


Please also note that due to samples showing high levels of E. Coli, the water classification of the beds below has been downgraded to Class C. As a result, these beds will not be opened initially. If the water classification improves, the beds will be opened.


– Blackshore

– Skate Run

– Back of the Wall



Application forms can be downloaded from here: Application Form – Wash Temporary Closure 2023 Exemption 

The full consultation outcome report can be found here: Consultation Outcome Report – The Wash Mussel Re-laying Fishery 2023 Outcome Report

Please see the infographic here for further details

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