1. Maritime and Coastguard Agency: Small fishing vessels Roadshow

    09 October 2019 13:45

    The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) are hosting a roadshow around the UK to answer questions and help get the fishing community up to speed with existing requirementsRead More >

  2. Fishing Vessel Owner/Master Fined

    09 October 2019 13:34

    On 4th October 2019 Mr David Brian William Grimmer, of the fishing vessel Willing Boys (PLN YH533), appeared at King’s Lynn Magistrates Court in a case brought byRead More >

  3. Eastern IFCA joins the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme

    08 October 2019 14:56

    Eastern IFCA are excited to announce that starting this October we are joining Sussex and Northumberland IFCA in supporting the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme (Anglers NLRS). TheRead More >

  4. Minimum Sizes Byelaw 2019 – informal consultation

    03 October 2019 9:13

    Eastern IFCA intends to introduce a byelaw to replace the FISH, MOLLUSC AND CRUSTACEA MINIMUM SIZE EMERGENCY BYELAW 2019. This byelaw intends to protect fish and shellfish stocksRead More >

  5. Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard – Public consultation

    13 September 2019 10:45

    Seafish are undertaking a public consultation for the draft standard criteria of the next iteration of the Responsible Fishing Scheme.  The Public Consultation is being undertaken to maintainRead More >

  6. EU Exit – fisheries guidance events

    13 September 2019 10:41

    The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, in partnership with Seafish and the Marine Management Organisation, is hosting a series of events across England to help seafoodRead More >

  7. Closed Area Byelaw 2020

    13 September 2019 10:24

    As part of our programme of work to ensure sensitive sea bed habitats are protected from impacts of fishing, Eastern Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority (Eastern IFCA) isRead More >


    13 August 2019 13:52

    FISH, MOLLUSC AND CRUSTACEA MINIMUM SIZE EMERGENCY BYELAW 2019 Eastern IFCA has, in conjunction with Northumberland, North Eastern and Kent & Essex IFCAs, made an emergency byelaw inRead More >

  9. Extension of Wash Emergency Byelaw 2018

    19 July 2019 21:19

    Eastern IFCA implemented an emergency byelaw, the Wash Emergency Byelaw 2018, on the 27th July 2018.  Emergency byelaws expire after 12 months unless extended by the Secretary ofRead More >

  10. Wash Fishery Order 1992 (WFO) – cockle fisheries management plan consultation

    18 July 2019 14:26

    Eastern IFCA is seeking feedback from WFO fishermen on the revised Cockle Fisheries Management Plan and in particular on the feasibility of future dredge fisheries. A questionnaire toRead More >

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