Shrimp Accreditation

Shrimp Fishery – requirement to complete and return catch forms

Shrimp catch returns have been designed with the help of shrimp fishers of the Wash and North Norfolk Coast. Data collected from the catch forms will be instrumental to monitor potential impacts on sensitive habitats and to further our understanding of what is one of our most important fisheries.

It is now mandatory to send in catch returns if you fish for shrimp within this area (click here to see a chart). If you require a shrimp catch log book please follow this link to find out more – how to get a shrimp catch return book


Shrimp Accreditation

This page contains all the information compiled to explore MSC Accreditation of the Shrimp fisheries within the EIFCA District.

Shrimp Fishery Advisory Working Group Notes – 9 May 2012

Pre-Assessment Report for the East Coast Brown and Pink Shrimp Fisheries

Final presentation Dec 2011

North Sea Shrimp – Facts

Report on the Working Group on Crangon Fisheries and Life History

North Sea Brown Shrimp Fishery Management Plan – 10th Feb 2011

North Sea Brown Shrimp Fisheries – Study

Reducing Discards in Shrimp Fishing using the Letterbox Method

Shrimp Pre Assessment Non Technical Summary

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