Shrimp Byelaw 2016 Information


Eastern IFCA has carried out an assessment of the potential impacts of the shrimp fishery within The Wash. The Wash is one of the most heavily protected areas in Europe and hosts very important and sensitive habitats. It also serves as an internationally important over-wintering ground for many thousands of migratory birds.

The conclusions of this assessment indicate that shrimp fishing in The Wash are likely to be having an adverse effect on some of the habitats for which the site was designated as a Special Area of Conservation.

In addition, the shrimp fishery has been assessed as being at risk from sustainability issues. Eastern IFCA currently has limited information regarding the shrimp fishery and no mechanism to manage it if it is required. Many fishers have raised concerns over some aspects of the shrimp fishery and we are looking to implement management measures to address these also.

The Shrimp Byelaw 2016 is the first step in implementing the protective management measures. This byelaw will require shrimp fishers to obtain a permit.

The next step will be to design permit conditions. This will involve further engagement with stakeholders (including another formal consultation). This is planned to take place later in the year.

Shrimp Byelaw 2016

What are the potential impacts? –

The Shrimp Byelaw 2016 will require fishers to apply for a permit endorsement – this will incur an annual fee of £44 to the applicant. In addition, shrimp fishers are required to complete and return catch data forms.

This byelaw will only have limited impacts, however the permit conditions which will be associated with the shrimp permit endorsement are likely to impact on fishing activity.

The Impact Assessment at the link below explores the potential impacts of the Shrimp Byelaw 2016 only. Additional engagement, consultation and impact assessments will be undertaken for the associated permit conditions later in 2016.

Impact Assessment – [here]

Formal consultation

Copies of the Draft Shrimp Byelaw 2016 and associated Impact Assessment can be obtained from the office on request.

Eastern IFCA is holding a formal consultation regarding the proposed Shrimp Byelaw 2016. Comments, support and objections should be made in writing in a letter to either of the following addresses:

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Postal Address

Eastern IFCA
6 North Lynn Business Village
Bergen Way
King’s Lynn
PE30 2JG

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The deadline for responses to be received by Eastern IFCA is the 13 June 2016.

Please also forward a copy of your response to the MMO at either of the following addresses:

Postal Address

Marine Conservation and Enforcement Team
Marine Management Organisation
Lancaster House
Hampshire Court



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