Temporary Closure Consultation: The Wash

Eastern IFCA is launching a consultation on a temporary closure of the Wash under Byelaw 8, the Temporary Closure of Shellfish Fisheries Byelaw.

The Wash Fishery Order 1992 (WFO), under which Eastern IFCA current manages the Wash shellfish fisheries, will expire in January 2023.  We intend to replace WFO with a byelaw (to manage the wild capture cockle and mussel fisheries) and a Several Order (to manage the private fisheries).

To prevent impacts on marine protected areas or the depletion of stocks and to enable access to the fisheries to be managed, the Authority is considering implementing a temporary closure to fishing for cockles and mussels in the Wash (except the area of the le Strange Estate) under the Temporary Closure of Shellfish Fisheries Byelaw (Byelaw 8). This includes private lays, which could otherwise effectively become part of the public fishery when the WFO expires.

Preventing Interruption to Industry

To allow fishing activity to continue during this temporary closure, the intention is that Eastern IFCA can provide dispensation for lay holders to use their lays in accordance with their lease conditions as required, and similarly will consider granting dispensations for WFO licence holders to continue to fish in the cockle fishery as may be required.

We intend this closure to remain in place over the wild stocks until a fishery is opened under the Wash Cockle and Mussel Byelaw 2021, and over the private lays until the new Several Order comes into effect, or it is otherwise rescinded or renewed by the Authority

Respond to the Consultation

We would like to hear your views on the proposed closure.  Please make representation to us by 19 December 2022.

If you have any questions about the implementation of this temporary closure or the transition from the WFO to the new management mechanisms, please contact the office.

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