Implementation of a three bag limit on bass – now in effect

On the 25 March 2015, the Council of the European Union introduced a limit on the number of sea bass which can be kept per day by recreational anglers.

Recreational anglers are now limited to retaining a maximum of three bass per day. The regulation applies to all recreational fishers (rod and line, non-commercial netting, etc.) both on shore and at sea.

These measures form part of a suite of measures which will be rolled out over the coming months for the protection of sea bass stocks.

Other measures being considered are as follows:

  • Revisions of European Union Total allowable Catch Limits and Quotas for commercial vessels targeting bass;
  • Introduction of an increased minimum landing size (minimum conservation reference size) for both recreation and commercial fishers both at sea and on shore; and
  • Adjustments in the Technical Conservation Measures which regulate mesh sizes, increasing the mesh size range for nets targetting bass.

For additional information, you can view further EU plans for bass management.

In addition to the European measures, the UK Government will review the Statutory Instrument which regulate for bass nursery areas. New bass nursery areas will be implemented where necessary. IFCAs across England will be assisting in the implementation of changes made to the location of nursery areas.

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