UPDATE: Management measures consideration for Shrimp beam trawling in The Wash and North Norfolk Coast SAC

At its Regulation and Compliance sub-committee on 17th November 2015, the Authority agreed to pursue spatial habitat closures in the Wash and North Norfolk Coast Special Area of Conservation (W&NNC SAC) to reduce the impacts of shrimp beam trawling on seabed habitats. The Authority will conduct further work to determine the location and extent of the habitat closures by engaging with the Shrimp Industry (and other stakeholders) through a programme of data gathering and formal consultation over the next 4 months. This will include a workshop in January 2016. Through this approach, it is aimed to identify a solution that protects sensitive features from damage whilst enabling a viable shrimp fishery to continue. Although current measures are focused on spatial closures, it is envisaged that future management options could include gear improvements. We will continue to provide progress updates as management measures are developed.

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