Volunteers are an important and valued part of Eastern IFCA and we aim to make the volunteering experience both enjoyable and feeling a full part of our team.

We have outlined what you can expect from us, and what we hope from our volunteers:

Eastern IFCA:

  • to introduce you to how the organisation works and your role in it and to provide any training you need
  • to provide regular meetings with a main point of contact so that you can tell us if you are happy with how your tasks are organised and get feedback from us.
  • to respect your skills, dignity and individual wishes and to do our best to meet them.
  • to reimburse your out of pocket expenses upon production of appropriate receipts / proof of expenditure
  • to consult with you and keep you informed of possible changes
  • to provide adequate insurance cover for you whilst carrying out your volunteering role which have been approved and authorised by us
  • to provide a safe workplace
  • to apply our equal opportunities policy
  • to apply our complaints procedure if there is any problem


  • to work reliably to the best of your ability, and to give as much warning as possible whenever you cannot work when expected
  • to follow the Authority’s rules and procedures, including health and safety, equal opportunities and confidentiality.

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