Wash Cockle and Mussel Byelaw 2021 Formal Consultation Report Published

Eastern IFCA are developing the new Wash Cockle and Mussel Byelaw 2021 to replace the Wash Fishery Order 1992 when it expires in January 2023. The byelaw will be used to manage cockle and mussel fisheries in The Wash.

The outcome report of the formal consultation on the Wash Cockle and Mussel Byelaw is now available to read at the link below. This consultation ran from 25th March to 3rd May 2021.

You can read the outcome report for this formal consultation here.

The anonymised report contains summaries of what we asked and what was said in response to this consultation, including objections to the byelaw. It also includes our responses, showing where we have sought to resolve objections or how they have been taken into consideration in further decision making. Many of the objections raised in the consultation have been considered in the development of the policies on managing access.

The outcome of this consultation included three key changes made to the byelaw:

  • We have increased the review period of flexible management measures from 4 to 6 years. Any review of eligibility or access policies before then will only be if it is urgent.
  • Permit categories will be clearly defined in the byelaw, and they will not be flexible or temporary. We are exploring options for separate permit categories to support the continuation of the current varied business models in The Wash.
  • You now have the opportunity to comment on the policies before the byelaw is formally submitted.

Eastern IFCA is required to respond to and seek to resolve objections to the byelaw received in formal consultation, where it is appropriate to do so. Objections that cannot be resolved do not prevent the formal consent of the byelaw, where adequate explanation is provided.

We are committed to taking account of the views of our stakeholders at every reasonable opportunity in the development of the new byelaw. Work is currently underway, in consultation with stakeholders, to develop the draft eligibility policies which address how access to the fisheries will be managed.

Keep up to date with our ongoing consultation work on our website, here.


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