2022_8_26 Potential Lost Gear Notice

UPDATE (9/9/2022): The owner of the gear has now been identified and collection is planned.



Eastern IFCA has received a lost gear report from a member of the public.  Details provided can be found below. If you have any relevant information and/or know who the owner is please get in touch with us at mail@eastern-ifca.gov.uk or by calling (01553) 775321 or 07385 769305 during normal office hours.


Date of Report: 25/08/2022


Type and Quantity of Gear: String of pots; Anchor; Rope; Buoy


Location: 52 57’51” N 1 03’55″E. Roughly 200-300m off the beach from the NWT East Bank car park (labelled as ‘small car park’ on Google Maps, on the A149 – near the Walsey Hills NOA Reserve car park)


Description of Condition/Additional Comments:  

-The pots looked as though they may have been lost/abandoned for some time.

-There are two buoys – white and orange – in close proximity to the above coordinates.

-The anchor was tangled in rope. The rope was taut and running along the seabed.

-The rope was heavily overgrown with sessile animals (bryozoans etc., not just algae).

-The pots were in very variable condition – some heavily overgrown, some lightly overgrown, some clean, some inundated with sand, one with no hook at one end, no bait left.

-Some pots are damaged, some held stationary on the seabed allowing overgrowth and some covered preventing encrusting growth.

-The string was still marked at the east end.


Distinguishing Features:

-The pots opened both ends with a drawbridge type door hinging at the bottom.


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