What additional measures are being considered?

Shrimp Trawl - Ross Worm ReefWithin the district, Eastern IFCA has conducted assessments of all the fishing activity in MPAs. Where fishing may cause damage to sensitive features, management measures are to be in place by December 2016.

Some fisheries have been found to have potential impacts in some MPAs. Work is underway to design and implement management measures. In particular, the Shrimp fishery in The Wash will require management measures and more information on this can be seen by clicking here.

Where management measures are not needed by December 2016, Eastern IFCA will continue to monitor fishing activity in MPAs to detect if any impacts may be likely to occur. Effort reduction, e.g. seasonal restrictions and/or fleet activity limits

Technical specifications to ensure low-impact gears are used. Eastern IFCA is working with shrimp fishermen and conservation advisors in order to develop measures that meet the conservation requirements of the site and enable a viable fishery to continue. See Latest News for updates on this work

Further fisheries management measures could be required as new evidence is identified. Eastern IFCA proposes to develop a monitoring plan for each marine protected area to show how it will respond to changes in fishing activity and/or conservation advice.

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