Eastern and Kent & Essex Authorities respond to River Stour Several Order consultation

A Several Order application has been submitted to Defra by Wash Mussels Ltd for a new mussel fishery in The River Stour, Suffolk. Eastern IFCA and Kent and Essex IFCA have jointly responded to the consultation.

The Several Order would grant exclusive rights to a private shellfishery for mussels on five subtidal mussel lays between Erwarton Bay and Stutton Ness. The Stour estuary is designated as a nature reserve to protect important estuarine habitats and species. Many recreational and commercial activities occur all year around in the estuary which may interact with the proposed severed fishery.

The Authorities seek to ensure there is a balance between the protection of the marine environment and the use of it to support businesses and livelihoods as well as supporting co-location of activities to maximise co-existence and minimise conflict.

The Authorities full response is available on request.


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