Byelaw 7: Parts of shellfish


Fishers cannot take any of the animals listed below which cannot be measures to check compliance with minimum landings size regulations (e.g. a claw or tail):

Edible (brown) crab – Cancer pagurus

Velvet crab – Necora puber

Lobster – Homorus gammarus


No person shall remove from any fishery any edible crab (Cancer pagurus) or part thereof, or velvet crab (Necora puber) or part thereof, or lobster (Homarus gammarus) or part therof, which cannot be measured to ensure compliance with the Undersized Crabs Order 1986, the Undersized Velvet Crabs Order 1989, or the Undersized Lobsters Order 1993 or any Statutory Instrument whereby the same may be superseded but shall return such shellfish to the sea immediately.

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