This byelaw enables Eastern IFCA to close shellfish beds for the purposes of fisheries management (e.g. to protect juvenile shellfish).  If an area is closed in this way, it will be prohibited to remove, take or disturb any shellfish within that area without first getting the consent of the Authority.

Where an area is closed to fishing in this way Eastern IFCA will inform fishers by placing a notice in the vicinity of the shellfish bed or by publicising the closure in newspapers.


  1. The Committee may, for the purpose of protection of the fishery, fishery management and controlling the level of exploitation, and after consultation with persons or bodies appearing to them to represent local fisheries interests, close for a specifiable period any shellfish fishery, or part thereof, provided the Committee has been advised by fishery scientists who appear to them to be suitably qualified, as to the need for such action.
  2. No person shall, without the consent of the Committee, under the written authority in that behalf signed by their Clerk, remove, take or disturb any shellfish from any fishery, or part thereof, which, in the opinion of the Committee is severely depleted, contains mainly immature or transplanted shellfish, or which is closed to fishing for management of the fishery purposes, so that it ought not to be disturbed for the time being.
  3. Where the Committee is of such opinion and it is practicable to do so, the Committee shall cause notices to be displayed in the vicinity of the shellfish fishery, or part thereof clearly defining the area in which shellfish shall not be removed or disturbed without the consent of the Committee, and where the display of such notices is not practicable, notice shall be given by publishing the same in a newspaper circulating in the district in which the shellfish fishery is situated.
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