Consultation News – Wash Fishery Informal Consultation Report Published

The report of the informal consultation on the proposed aim and objectives for the future management of access to bivalve fisheries in The Wash is now available to read at the links below. This consultation ran from 5th November to 18th December 2020. The report contains an overview of what we asked, what you said, our response and the outcome.

Keep up to date with our ongoing consultation work on our website, here.

Wash Fishery Order 1992 Replacement Aim and Objectives: Informal Consultation

Read the outcome report for this informal consultation here.

This consultation closed in December 2020 and was to help inform the development of the policies and permit conditions that will exist under the proposed Wash Cockle and Mussel Permit Byelaw 2021.

The outcome of this consultation was that Eastern IFCA now have a better formed understanding of industry priorities to inform the development of the new policies and permit conditions. In response to the feedback received a further review of the aim and objectives will also be undertaken.

To mitigate uncertainty felt by fishermen in The Wash surrounding the replacement of the order as shown in responses to this consultation, Eastern IFCA will prioritise the security and continuity of fishing activity in The Wash in the development of the new policies and Byelaw. Further consultation with industry will be undertaken throughout 2021 as this work progresses.




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