Informal Consultation: Wash Several Order 2022 Application

Wash Several Order 2022 application: informal consultation

Eastern IFCA is applying to become the grantee of a Several Order to manage aquaculture in The Wash to replace the Wash Fishery Order 1992, which expires in January 2023.

A Several Order is legislation issued under the Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act 1967, which provides rights to the grantee to use areas for aquaculture of shellfish.  Eastern IFCA does not intend to use its right under the Order to carry out aquaculture itself.  Instead, it will be used to continue to manage the historic aquaculture in The Wash, which is a heavily designated Marine Protected Area (MPA), and which supports commercially important wild shellfish fisheries.

A Fisheries Management Plan (FMP) has been drafted.  This explains how the aquaculture in the Wash will be managed to ensure that the MPA and the wild fisheries in the area are protected.

We are seeking the views of stakeholders about our application and to inform the development of the FMP before we submit it as part of the application for the Several Order.  Responses to the consultation must be received by Eastern IFCA by no later than Friday the 25th February 2022.

For more information about the FMP and how to respond to the consultation, please click here.


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