Mr Steven Williamson

I am a Director at Lynn Shellfish, J & J Shellfish and owner of Donaldson’s Fishmongers, all based in King’s Lynn, we are a shell-fishing and processing company.
We fish mainly Brown Shrimp, Whelks and Cockles, but we also do other shellfish when called for.

I am now 57 years old and have been in this industry all my life helping my father from a very early age.  I have seen this industry change significantly over the last 50 years.  Commercial inshore fishing is an industry that many people see as damaging the environment, I see it in the reverse.  I see that we work with nature and the environment and are caretakers of the sea we work sustainably and ethically to promote best practices for the future of inshore fishing.

We do not all agree, and we all want what we think is best for our environment, so respect each other’s point of view and continue the fight for a future in commercial fishing.

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