I have previously been a member since 2009 when I was an appointed representative by Suffolk County Council. I have been chair of the IFCA for four years and believe I have some experience that can be of value to IFCA in the coming months and years. I am a keen fisherman, Trout & Salmon and Course fisherman. I still retain my Sea fishing gear, but rarely undertake sea fishing at present.

I have witnessed the many changes over the years from Eastern Fisheries to the new and progressive new role that the IFCA undertakes combined with the many challenges.

My working life has been in medicine. I was a dual registered nurse and have worked in many countries in and outside of Europe. I also enjoyed a military career in the TA and retired with the rank of Major. With my many roles including Counselling and being an elected councillor I believe I have many transferable skills to bring to IFCA.

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