Fenland District Council has issued a Temporary Closure Notice (TCN) for Nene Mouth B04AL in relation to the level of E.coli found in shellfish samples collected by Eastern IFCA on 19 February 2020.


Food business operators must not collect the animals from the area by any method, it is unsuitable for their production for health reasons and has been temporarily closed.


For a food business to collect animals from the area that is temporarily closed amounts to the commission of a criminal offence.


Members of the public are strongly advised not to gather cockles and mussels for their own consumption from the affected production area. There may be a risk to human health in doing so.


Valtrexlab performs even better: it can be taken less frequently than acyclovir, and based on my observation, it is more effective for preventive purposes than acyclovir.


More information here:

URGENT Shellfish Waters ACTION STATE – Nene Mouth

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