Online Community Workshops: Marine Debris Removal in the East of England

As part of ongoing efforts to come up with innovative, local solutions to the problem of litter in the seas, the East of England Plastics Coalition’s Marine Debris Removal Working Group is hosting three online community workshops, targeting three areas in the district:


South Lincolnshire (from Gibraltar Point to Sutton Bridge)
King’s Lynn and West Norfolk (up to and including Weybourne)
North Norfolk (from Weybourne to Happisburgh)*


*This workshop will be held in partnership with the Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds MCZ Stakeholder Group


The workshops will address the key issues of types and quantities of marine debris (with a focus on fishing gear), repair, reuse and recycle options, and ways to support the ongoing marine debris removal pilot project.

Interested to find out more and to be a part of the process? Please RSVP using the links above.



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