Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard – Public consultation

Seafish are undertaking a public consultation for the draft standard criteria of the next iteration of the Responsible Fishing Scheme.  The Public Consultation is being undertaken to maintain engagement and enable stakeholders to review and provide feedback on the Draft Standard which, as agreed, will be called the Responsible Fishing Vessel Standard (RFVS).

The Public Consultation will conclude on Monday 14 October.  All comments submitted during the consultation period must be made via the official feedback process: using the Public Comment Form, available on the Public Consultation page, and submitted to

The draft standard has been developed to meet the objectives outlined in the agreed RFVS Terms of Reference, which were established in response to extensive feedback received during the first consultation stage in 2018. Using a robust governance structure, the draft standard criteria have been developed by Technical Working Groups, composed of industry representatives, Non-Governmental Organisations, associated standard holders and experts from all sectors of the fishing industry and seafood supply chain- from across the UK and internationally. The criteria also incorporate feedback received from nominated Peer Reviewers and current Responsible Fishing Scheme certificate holders within the UK catching sector.

More information is available on the Seafish RFS website pages.

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