Eastern IFCA held a workshop on the 26th September 2016 which focussed on the development of shrimp management measures within the Wash and North Norfolk Coast.  The management measures are intended to protect the designated habitats within this part of the district.

Fishers representing various elements of the shrimp industry attended and participated in exercises which were designed to inform the development of the measures.  The rich history of the shrimp fishery (which stretches back more than 100 years in The Wash) is reflected in the knowledge and experience of the fishers. As such the participation of the shrimp industry is of crucial importance and enables Eastern IFCA to design measures which are meaningful and deliver both protection of the environment and the viability of the industry.

The shrimp industry includes a range of differing business models from the full-time, larger shrimp fishing vessels to the smaller-scale, opportunistic fishers who tend to diversify across several different fisheries.  The feedback received from the workshop will assist Eastern IFCA in developing measures which reflect this diversity and are as proportionate and balanced as possible.  Eastern IFCA is duty bound to deliver this balance and the outputs of the workshop will assist in the delivery of this.

Eastern IFCA will test proposed shrimp management measures against the feedback from the industry and the outputs of the workshop.  Proposed shrimp management measures will be put to the Regulation and Compliance Sub-Committee where the key outputs of the workshop will be presented alongside the proposed measures.  It is intended that a formal consultation will begin before the New Year in relation to shrimp management measures.  This will be advertised in the Fishing News and the Eastern IFCA website.

The workshop report can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Shrimp Workshop Report

Eastern IFCA would like to thank all those who attended the workshop for their participation. 

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