Shrimp Permit Byelaw 2018: Permit requirement comes into effect

With effect from August 2023 the Authority will be implementing the Shrimp Permit Byelaw 2018. This will mean that a permit will be required in order to fish for shrimp from a registered fishing vessel within the Eastern IFCA district. The intention is to begin enforcing this requirement on 1 September 2023, so commercial shrimp fishers are encouraged to apply for a permit in good time.

Whilst the requirements to hold a permit applies throughout the district, the byelaw is primarily intended as a means of enabling shrimp fishing by managing fishing effort within the Marine protected Areas of the Wash and North Norfolk Coast in accordance with the Shrimp Effort Limitation Scheme.

Fishing for shrimp within the Wash and North Norfolk Coast SAC will require a ‘Category 1’ permit. This will cost £100, and applicants must fulfil the requirements detailed in this infographic.

Fishing for shrimp elsewhere in the district will require a ‘Category 2’ permit, which does not have a fee and is open to everyone, as detailed in this infographic.

Please note that category 1 permit types require gear certification to be completed before a permit will be issued, so early applications are encouraged using this application form.

Useful links

Shrimp Permit Byelaw 2018: Guidance page

Category 1 Eligibility Criteria

Category 1 Flexible Permit Conditions

Category 2 Flexible Permit Conditions

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