1. Emergency Whelk Byelaw

    04 May 2016 7:02

    Confirmation of byelaw extension The Secretary of State has confirmed an extension of Eastern IFCA’s Emergency Whelk Byelaw until 28 October 2016. This means that a permit isRead More >

  2. Shrimp Byelaw 2016 – Formal Consultation

    29 April 2016 11:28

    At the 23rd Eastern IFCA meeting on the 27th April 2016, the Shrimp Byelaw 2016 was made.   The intention of the byelaw is to require commercial fishersRead More >

  3. Marine Protected Areas Byelaw 2016 – Formal Consultation

    01 March 2016 12:47

    At the 6th Regulatory and Compliance Sub-Committee meeting on the 24th February 2016, the Marine Protected Areas Byelaw 2016 was made.   The intention of the byelaw is toRead More >

  4. Applications & Exemptions Byelaw

    20 November 2015 12:26

    Application and Exemptions Byelaw – Formal Consultation At the 5th Regulatory and Compliance Sub-Committee on the 17th November 2015 the following byelaw was made: Eastern IFCA Application andRead More >

  5. Emergency Whelk Byelaw now in effect

    30 April 2015 16:17

    At a meeting of the full Authority on Wednesday 29th April 2015 the introduction of an emergency byelaw to introduce management measures for whelk was approved. The byelawRead More >

  6. Seeking views on Emergency Byelaw for Whelk Management

    23 March 2015 16:55

    Eastern IFCA will be introducing management measures for whelk in order to help maintain a sustainable fishery, via an emergency byelaw. This follows a sharp increase in fishingRead More >

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