The Transition: Overview

We have developed a plan to ensure a smooth transition from the Wash Fishery order 1992 to the new management regime.  A summary of the transition is available below.  The key elements of the transition are summarised below:


  • Phase 1 permit applications – current licence holders can apply in this phase to be eligible for a permit to replace their current licence / Entitlement. Decisions on applications will be made by the Wash Fisheries Sub-Committee in the New Year. Applications under Phase 1 will need to meet certain evidence requirements relating to vessel ownership.


  • Phase 2 permit applications – phase 2 is open to all to apply for eligibility for any remining permits. These will be allocated through a points-based system.


  • Valid WFO Licences – any Licences already issued under the WFO will be valid and provide access until they naturally expire (usually 12 months after being granted). We intend to undertake phases 1 and 2 above in relation to these licences to ensure that when they do expire, there will be no disruption to fishing activity.


  • Closure of the Wash to cockle and mussel fishing – we intend to close the Wash to cockle and mussel fishing from 3 Jan 2023. Where required, licence holders and lay holders can apply for an exemption to the closure to continue fishing.  This will prevent the area from becoming unmanaged and still able fishing activity from lay holders and licence holders in the interim.






An infographic summarising the transition is available here: Transition Summary


The evidence requirements under Phase 1 relating to vessel ownership are summarised in this infographic: Vessel Ownership Requirements

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