Wash Several Order 2022 application: informal consultation

Update: This consultation is now closed, the outcome of which can be found here.

Eastern IFCA is applying to become the grantee of a new Several Order (the Wash Several Order 2021) to manage aquaculture in The Wash. The new Several Order will replace the Wash Fishery Order 1992 which expires in January 2023.

We are seeking the views of stakeholders about our application and to inform the development of a Fisheries Management Plan. The plan shows how Eastern IFCA will manage aquaculture in the Wash including where aquaculture ‘lays’ are allocated and to whom, as well as restrictions on their use. After the views of our stakeholders have been taken into account, the plan will be submitted as part of the application for the Several Order.  Responses to the consultation must be received by Eastern IFCA by no later than Friday 25th February 2022.

What is a Several Order?

A Several Order is legislation issued under the Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act 1967, which provides rights to the grantee to use areas for aquaculture of shellfish.  Eastern IFCA does not intend to use its right under the Order to carry out aquaculture itself.  Instead it will be used to continue to manage the historic aquaculture in The Wash, which is a heavily designated Marine Protected Area (MPA), and which supports commercially important wild shellfish fisheries.

As grantees of the Order, Eastern IFCA will allocate areas, known as lays, where fishermen can place shellfish (primarily mussels) to allow them to grow and then sell them.

Where would the Order be?

The Several Order is intended to apply to the whole of the estuary of The Wash (Norfolk and Lincolnshire), with the exception of the area known as the le Strange Estate.  Click here to see a chart of the proposed management area.

How will Eastern IFCA manage aquaculture in The Wash?

Eastern IFCA will manage the aquaculture in accordance with a Fisheries Management Plan.  This plan sets how we will allocate lays, including to whom and where, and restrictions on activities within the lays.

The plan intends to achieve the following:

  • Enable and facilitate aquaculture in The Wash;
  • Further the conservation objectives of the Marine Protected Area (MPA) it operates in;
  • Protect and enhance the sustainability of other, wild Wash-based fisheries.

The draft plan is available for your comment and can be found here

More information on how we will protect the Wash MPA can be found here.

More information on how we will allocate aquaculture areas can be found here.

How do I respond to this consultation?

We would like your feedback on the draft Fisheries Management Plan and our intention to apply for a Several Order generally.

You can respond using the questionnaire below, or alternatively, make a written representation to us.  All responses must be sent to the address below and received by Eastern IFCA no later than Friday 25th February 2022.

By post:

Unit 6 North Lynn Business Village

Bergen Way

King’s Lynn


PE30 2JG


By email: mail@eastern-ifca.gov.uk


If you have further questions about this consultation and the application, or require these documents in a larger format, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Eastern IFCA Office Number: (01553) 775321

Email: mail@eastern-ifca.gov.uk






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