Privacy Notices and Data Protection Policies

Data Security Policy

This policy sets out how The Authority will keep your personal data safe.

2020 Data Security Policy


Special category data

As part of our statutory functions, we process some special category data and criminal offence data.  This personal data is more sensitive and therefore needs more protection.   The following policies are the Authority’s appropriate policy documents which set out and explain our procedures for using the data safely and lawfully.

2020 General Processing Criminal Offence Data Policy

2020 Sensitive Processing Law Enforcement


Privacy notices

Personal data collected by the authority will be processed in accordance with the following privacy notices.

2020 GDPR Privacy Notice Consultations

2020 GDPR Privacy Notice Fleet List

2018 GDPR Privacy Notice Photo Consent

2020 GDPR Privacy Notice Catch Returns

2020 Body worn video

2020 EIFCA Licences Permits Privacy notice

2020 WFO Privacy Notice Waiting List Prequalified List

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