Wash Mussel Re-Laying Fishery Update – Bed Openings

This is an update to the news item Mussel Re-Laying Fishery Opening, published on our website on 2 June 2023. Samples taken from the ‘Ouse Mouth’ classification zone were found to contain high levels of E.Coli and the area was temporarily downgraded to a Class C area.


Subsequent sampling has determined that E.Coli levels have reduced which means that the temporary downgrade has been removed, and this area is now classified as ‘B’ once again.


Consequently, Eastern IFCA  has opened the previously affected beds, Blackshore, Skate Run and ‘Back of The Wall’ to the mussel re-laying fishery. These beds were open to the fishery on 00:00 on 17 June 2023.


Application forms can be downloaded from here:

Application Form – Wash Temporary Closure 2023 Exemption 


The full consultation outcome report can be found here:

Consultation Outcome Report – The Wash Mussel Re-laying Fishery 2023 Outcome Report


Please see the infographic here for further details

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