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    1. Eastern IFCA Deploys Body Worn Video Cameras

      14 April 2019 11:11

      Body worn camera use by police and other law enforcement agencies is becoming increasingly common throughout the UK. It assists to enhance evidence gathering and improves the safetyRead More >

    2. Inshore Vessel Monitoring Systems (IVMS) – an update

      14 April 2019 11:04

      The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) have recently responded to the consultation on Introducing Inshore Vessel Monitoring Systems (IVMS). They have confirmed that IVMS willRead More >

    3. Informal consultation on two sets of management measures

      01 April 2019 14:49

      Eastern IFCA is seeking information from stakeholders to inform the development of two sets of management measures: Replacement of the Wash Emergency Byelaw 2018; Additional closures to bottom-towedRead More >

    Current initiatives


    Community Voice Project
    When it comes to safeguarding the marine environment in our district we are seeking to find common ground through engaging with local stakeholders.

    EIFCA staff and Authority members, stakeholders and partner organisations have all played an active part in this project.  We thank those who have contributed and we welcome continued support and participation as we strive to safeguard what we all value – a health marine environment.

    Shrimp management measures

    Development of shrimp fishery management

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