1. Medical Exemption – Existing Fishers on Vessels of 10 Metres and Under Consultation

    19 January 2024 15:09

    In November 2023, regulations came into effect requiring fishers working on small UK flagged vessels to have a certificate of medical fitness. The government has worked to supportRead More >

  2. IFCA General member Recruitment: Opportunity to manage inshore fisheries and conservation.

    19 January 2024 15:04

    The MMO have been given responsibility by Defra to manage the process of making appointments of General Members to IFCA Committees. The MMO operates a rolling campaign forRead More >

  3. SAVE THE DATE: Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds MCZ Stakeholder Group Meeting

    19 January 2024 14:57

    The next Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds MCZ Stakeholder Group Meeting will take place in person at Northrepps Village Hall on Wednesday the 21st of February. It will beRead More >

  4. Cockle FMP stakeholder meeting

    12 January 2024 15:50

    The Association of IFCAs are Defra’s delivery partner for the English cockle FMP which is due for publication later this year. The AIFCA have arranged a series ofRead More >

  5. Sea Angling Diary Project

    12 January 2024 11:46

    The Sea Angling Diary Project is for all sea anglers in England and Wales to help improve the sustainable management of marine stocks and demonstrate the value ofRead More >

  6. Consultation Launched – Wash Temporary Closure Renewal

    08 November 2023 15:56

    Eastern IFCA is launching a consultation on renewing the Temporary Closure over the Wash bivalve fisheries, to allow management of these fisheries to continue. Since the expiry ofRead More >

  7. Cockle Fishery 2023 Extension

    26 October 2023 15:12

    Due to low levels of fishing activity in the 2023 cockle fishery, approximately 240 tonnes remain in the TAC. As a result, the fishery’s availability is being extended,Read More >

  8. Wash Cockle Fishery 2023: closure

    15 September 2023 14:55

    The Wash cockle fishery 2023 will be closed as of 0145hrs on Friday 22 September 2023. The cockle fishery will close at this time because we have projectedRead More >

  9. Seafish In-person Event – Crab, Lobster and Whelk FMPs

    01 September 2023 10:54

    In addition to the live events Defra have been running recently in relation the the Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs) Seafish will be running a series of in-person eventsRead More >

  10. Fisheries Management Plans

    27 July 2023 14:15

    The UK Government has set out further steps it is taking to deliver a thriving, sustainable fishing industry and healthy marine environment for generations to come. The UKRead More >

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