Authority Meeting Papers

Meeting papers for the full Authority meetings are available below. Minutes will be added once they have been confirmed by the Authority.

If you are signing into an EIFCA Meeting as a spectator please read the guidance available HERE in advance

Authority members


44th EIFCA Meeting 9th June 2021

To Be Held at: Assembly Room, Kings Lynn Town Hall, Saturday Market Place, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 5DQ
Attendance by members of the public will be limited due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Anyone wishing to attend as spectators should contact Eastern IFCA on 07385 769305 or via e-mail:  The meeting will be live-streamed on YouTube


43rd EIFCA Meeting 10th March 2021
Please note this meeting will be held online via Microsoft Teams.  If you require login information please contact

42nd EIFCA Meeting 9th December 2020
(Please note this meeting will be held online via Zoom.  If  you require login information please contact

41st EIFCA Meeting 9th September 2020
(Please note this meeting will be held online via Zoom.  If you require login information please contact

39th EIFCA Meeting 11th March 2020

38th EIFCA Meeting 11th December 2019

37th EIFCA Meeting 11th September 2019

36th EIFCA Meeting 15th May 2019

35th EIFCA Meeting 30th January 2019

34th EIFCA Meeting 7th November 2018

33rd EIFCA  Meeting 18th July 2018

32nd EIFCA Meeting 25th April 2018

31st EIFCA Meeting 31st January 2018

Please not due to circumstances beyond our control the presentation which was scheduled to take place under Agenda Item 11 re: Electric Pulse Trawling has had to be postponed.

30th EIFCA Meeting 25th October 2017

29th EIFCA Meeting 7th June 2017

28th EIFCA meeting – Extraordinary 22nd March 2017

  • Agenda
  • There are no available papers for this meeting as the item being discussed was not open to the public
  • Confirmed minutes

27th EIFCA meeting 15th February 2017

26th EIFCA meeting 2nd November 2016

25th EIFCA meeting 27th July 2016

24th EIFCA meeting 1st June 2016

23rd EIFCA meeting 27th April 2016

22nd EIFCA meeting 27th January 2016

21st EIFCA meeting 28th October 2015

Extra-Ordinary Meeting 21st August 2015

19th EIFCA meeting 3rd June 2015

18th EIFCA meeting 29th April 2015

17th EIFCA meeting 28th January 2015

16th EIFCA meeting 29th October 2014

15th EIFCA meeting 30th July 2014

14th EIFCA meeting 4th June 2014

13th EIFCA meeting 23rd April 2014

12th EIFCA meeting 29th January 2014

11th EIFCA meeting 30th October 2013

10th EIFCA meeting 31st July 2013

9th EIFCA meeting 5th June 2013

8th EIFCA meeting 30th January 2013

7th EIFCA meeting 31st October 2012

6th EIFCA meeting 25th July 2012

5th EIFCA meeting 25th April 2012

4th EIFCA meeting 26th January 2012

3rd EIFCA meeting 26th October 2011

2nd EIFCA meeting 27th July 2011

1st EIFCA meeting – 1st April 2011


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